What are the most common dental diseases?

most common dental diseases

Posts to identify which are the most common dental diseases, some data can even surprise us.

Keep reading because we have listed the top five of the most common dental diseases. Because the mouth needs the same care as any other part of the body and it is necessary to know them. We also recommend best dental clinic in Dubai for the treatment of these common dental diseases.

The top five of dental diseases area following

1-The decay

Caries is the second most common common disease in world , after the cold. And the first in the group of children. Therefore, a fact to take into account.

Worldwide, it is estimated that it affects more than 90% of the population at some point in their lives.

It is produced by the destruction of the tissues of the tooth, influencing various factors, but the main reason is derived from the diet and the conditions of dental hygiene.

Although it is true that there is an index of people who have a genetic predisposition to caries, it is less.

The way to fight caries, once produced, is in the hands of dentists, through filings or fillings.

But the important thing is to be attentive and go to the clinic at the slightest indication, either because we notice a pricked tooth, pain or discomfort, etc.

Therefore, prevention is the best weapon to combat caries and in this, of course, the habits of food and hygiene are of great importance.

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You can not neglect the decay, if we do not want it to become a more serious disease that produces infection and derive in that it is necessary to perform some type of intervention of more draft, such as an endodontics or even the extraction of the piece.


Gingivitis ranks second among common dental diseases.

It is estimated that 59.8% of the adult population in Spain suffers .

The inflammation and bleeding of the gums produced by gingivitis is largely also due to poor dental hygiene . The accumulation of bacterial plaque causes the amount of bacteria to increase.

It is important that at the least symptom , as soon as the inflammation is noticed or the bleeding is felt , it is necessary to go to the dentist’s office . Treated on time, with a deep professional cleaning and an improvement in daily dental hygiene habits, can be cured easily .

But the problem of gingivitis is that if it is not remedied in time it can affect the bone and become a serious pathology. We deal with the subject of periodontal diseases in this blog, where we explained this type of case .


25.4% of the adult population in Spain suffers from periodontitis. Important fact, that if we add it to that of gingivitis, it results that nothing more and nothing less than 85.2% of the adult population in Spain suffers from some type of gum disease. Only 14.8% have healthy gums . Serious, right?

This index is also more serious in the age group over 65 years, in which only 10.3% of the population can be considered healthy .

These data make us reflect on what is a badly healed gingivitis.

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Although periodontitis can also be cured, it is a more complex treatment than gingivitis . It is necessary to carry out more in-depth analysis and tests to know how far the tooth is affected and then treat it by means of various techniques.

Therefore, we again emphasize the need to go to the dentist at the least symptom . Prevention can be the best cure.

If the problem worsens and the disease progresses, the permanence of the tooth can be put at risk.

4-Oral cancer

Unfortunately, oral or oral cancer is overtaking another more common diseases and placing among the most common in the population.

Among types of oral or oral cancer, it occurs most frequently on the lips and tongue. Although it can also affect the palate, gums or throat. and with respect to the population group affected, although anyone can suffer, statistics show that it affects men older than 40 years.

Among the risk factors for contracting mouth cancer, we must bear in mind that genetics plays an important role. But there are other lifestyle habits that strongly indicate this disease: alcohol consumption and smoking .

As in the case of any other type of cancer, early detection is one of the great strengths of the success of the treatment for its cure. Once again, attention to symptoms and regular visits to the dentist can be decisive .

Among the symptoms that we have to put on alert are:

  • Ulcers or sores on the tongue, lips or any other part of the mouth.
  • Ulcers or sores that take a long time to heal or recur.
  • Red or white spots on the tongue, on the gums or any other part of the mouth.
  • Problems or pain when chewing or swallowing.
  • Pain somewhere in the mouth, sudden and without reason.
  • Difficulties in speech.

In the face of any of these symptoms, it is best to consult the professionals urgently and not wait to see if it is temporary.


We call bad breath or halitosis the set of unpleasant odors that are emitted through the mouth . Sometimes it is considered a purely social problem, but in reality it can be a symptom of a more serious pathology .

There are two types of halitosis: oral and extraoral. In 90% of cases, bad breath has its origin in the mouth itself. In these cases, the unpleasant odor is mainly due to poor hygiene, tobacco or periodontal diseases (gingivitis and periodontitis).

In the case of extraoral halitosis, it has its origin in systemic problems, such as those related to the digestive system or liver or kidney diseases.

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