Various Income Tax Services That Will Simplify Filing of Tax Returns at the End of the Financial Year!

Income tax services

Every Indian citizen must pay their taxes on time as per the rules laid down by the government. There are various sections under the Income Tax Act, based on which returns must be filed. These sections also determine the rebates that an individual or company can avail to reduce their tax burden. Specific processes to be followed at the time of tax filing are laid down by the income tax department, and its offices are dispersed throughout the country as well as in important and secondary cities of every state.

Income Tax Service That Assists You in Easy Filing of ReturnsĀ 

Filing of income tax returns is a must for every individual or company that is getting a certain amount of taxable income. Their tax payment contributes towards the development of the nation and also gives them the benefit of accessing various types of financial services for which it is a must to show proof of returns. Income tax services encompass the following:

  • Collection of tax from individuals and businesses through income tax filing
  • Issuing the PAN number
  • Issuing the TIN Number
  • Providing various forms ranging from ITR 1 to ITR V for filing returns
  • Giving out information on which form is applicable to a particular individual or company for the purpose of filing returns
  • Enabling filing of returns in paper form else electronically using a digital signature, or using electronic verification code else electronically using ITR V
  • Providing information on which mode of return is applicable to whom
  • Providing information on how to file returns electronically or make payment of income tax using e-payment method
  • Filing an assessment officer in your city through whom you can file tax returns
  • Providing tool such as income and tax calculator, advanced tax calculator, tax calculator and TDS calculator
  • Offering tutorials on income tax calculations and processes for filing returns
  • Offering means for income tax filing for non-resident Indian and showing them how to do it every year
  • Providing detailed information on conditions under which an individual or company is exempted from income tax payment
  • Providing details on an institution that are exempted from income tax returns
  • Providing information and services on wealth tax returns and why it is vital to pay wealth tax
  • Providing details on the last date for submission of income tax returns for individuals and companies under different categories
  • Providing various types of online services through which individuals or companies can easily find out more about tax returns, how to file them, late date for filing and so on
  • Any latest service, rule, or regulation applicable to tax payers who have been released by the government will be notified through the department in their website or through the newspaper

The Income Tax Department was established in 1922, and it functions under the Ministry of Finance. It is also responsible for implementing strategies, rules and taking actions for those who avoid payment of taxes. The many direct taxation rules laid down by the government are implemented throughout the country by this department.

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