Top 5 First Anniversary Gifts for Husband to Sweep him off his Feet

Top 5 First Anniversary Gifts for Husband to Sweep him off his Feet

Marriage is beautiful and it is one of the best relationships we get into in our life time. A vow to spend life together, share love, affection, pain, and agony in the relationship, making a family together and there are a lot of magical moments involved in a marriage.

It has been a year of togetherness and if you are planning to make it the best day of your life, you have to put in a little more effort to bring out some more spark into the beautiful relationship. Usually impressing wives on anniversaries is a lot easier than impressing a husband.  Men are not much into these gifts and you have to do a lot of work while picking these anniversary gifts. If you want to stand out and impress your husband with an amazing gift keep reading this article.

Here are some of the unique and interesting first anniversary gifts for husband.

Gold Print Frame

Do you have any idea that the first year of marriage is termed as a paper year? Yes, it is the first year of your marriage and most of it will be romantic as usual but it is the year where you get habituated with each other and form a bond. From the habits of your significant another one to their weakness you will learn about everything. So this year is a little bit sensitive time and is considered as a paper year.

A gift made of paper may sound a little bit cheesy but yes it is a great pick on the first anniversary. This frame will have a paper in which the message is printed with a golden foil. This gives a different look. You can print any kind of details you want in this frame. This makes the best first-anniversary gift for your husband.

Anniversary Scroll

This is another interesting gifting idea. You can find message bottles online or in the store. These message bottles are closed up using a cork and you will find a paper inside them. Write your message, poem, song or some other things that you want to convey to your partner, roll it up and tie a cute ribbon to it.

Put it in the message bottle and leave it on the bed or a place where he keeps his wallet or other accessories. In the world of digital gadgets, messaging apps and social media this cute little gesture will surely be a unique.

Handmade Art

There are many artists in the market who have exceptional painting and drawing skills. Approach an artist and have them design a sketch of your husband. You can go for black and white or a colour one. Pair it up with flowers at Giftalove. This is a different and romantic idea for your big day after marriage.

Memory Book of Marriage

You have been together for a year and you already enjoyed some of the amazing days of your married life. You would surely have the images of your amazing journey. Make an amazing memory book with those images. You can use a journal or a book for this. Gift wrap it and give it to your husband. He will treasure it forever.

These are some of the amazing anniversary gifts for husbands. You can pair all these gifts with flowers at GiftaLove and make your anniversary more special.

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