Tips and tricks on how to decorate your garden

In the spring, when the first heat reaches the end of their nose, it is high time to take care of his garden and prepare it for the coming summer. Indeed, the garden is not only

In the spring, when the first heat reaches the end of their nose, it is high time to take care of his garden and prepare it for the coming summer. Indeed, the garden is not only a “bonus” that adds to your home, it is an extension of your cozy nest that deserves just as much attention as the interior parts, and that can bring a lot of satisfaction. Here are some ideas for how to decorate your garden and make it irresistible.

Some tips to know before you start

To know how to decorate your garden, start with some tips from gardeners and outdoor decorators. Here are 3 prerequisites to know before anything else:

  • Prepare your space: draw plans, compartmentalize your garden, plan spaces for the vegetable garden, playground, etc. Everything must be well organized in your head well in advance.
  • Do not succumb to the accumulation: your garden must remain a friendly and healthy place, and not become a shambles or a storeroom. There is no point in installing 50 garden gnomes when one or two do the job with discretion.
  • Do not be too functional: the garden is a part of the house in its own right, and deserves that you take care of its decoration and its atmosphere. Do not see a mere impersonal place of passage.

Once you have these prerequisites in mind, indulge yourself with our few ideas for decorating your garden.

How to decorate your garden?

The layout of the garden is an essential step, one that allows you to lay the foundations before moving to the actual decoration. It’s about creating a pleasant landscape to look at and able to welcome your good ideas. For it :

  • Mow and water the lawn so that it is perfect;
  • Prune the plants: hedges, bushes, trees;
  • Clean the water points if you have them (pond, fountain);
  • Get rid of everything that hangs around and that will not serve you (old objects, worm-eaten wood, decanted flower pots …)

Then you can think of the decoration itself. First, plants and flowers: organize a small vegetable garden in a corner of the garden, and enclose the different spaces of the surface by pots of flowers and plants original and colorful. For example, you can separate the garden terrace, or the kitchen garden, with a flower course.

Do not neglect the lighting which, in addition to being functional, gives a definite charm to the exterior decoration. Lamps, arches, garlands … The possibilities are endless and adapt to the style you want. You will find cool ideas on this link .

Finally, do not forget the practical side: a garden needs to be maintained, with tools and accessories that must be stored without creating any apparent disorder. Opt for a wooden hut of the most beautiful effect, to install in the bottom of the garden, or prefer more modern solutions as a recovery cabinet ‘transformed into a shelter.

Take care of his terrace

Second step: the terrace. Make it a living space, comfortable and functional, separated from the rest of the field but still an open door to the garden. The question of how to decorate your garden must necessarily include this area dedicated to relaxation and leisure: barbecue with friends, tasting under the stars, etc.

Hanging sail (like a boat sailing in the wind), pergola, fences made of wood with vegetal musics … Deco solutions for decking are numerous. The main thing is to make it a recreational and cozy space, and for that we encourage you to look at this previous article devoted to garden furniture.

What is a garden room? A way of transferring to the outside the interior comfort of its living room, with table, chair, furniture, and even paintings, mirrors and decorative objects. Different styles are available according to taste. Simply, do not forget the essential accessory to any terrace: the deck chairs!

How to decorate your garden: the bonus tips

The last step of our list of ideas for how to decorate your garden, is to put the icing on the cake: these little “more” that will transform your exterior into a place of exceptional life. Here are some ideas:

  • For decoration: mini-fences surrounding the vegetable garden or plant spaces; pebbles decorated around the pond; a plant wall …
  • For comfort and convenience: a hammock at the bottom of the garden, in the shade of trees; a cupboard transformed into a shelter to store his tools; a compost bin made of wood …
  • For the recovery: if you like to rehabilitate old objects, think about reusing your used flower boxes to make decorative accessories (by painting all the colors, for example), color your wooden pallets and use- as walls of plants, or recycle an old bathtub in plant tray …
  • For children: because you have to think of the youngest, reserve a corner of the garden to make a playground; and make them a nice hut on the branches of the big oak at the bottom of the garden!

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