The Paris Stock Exchange on the defensive, turned to Wall Street

The Paris Stock Exchange on the defensive, turned to Wall Street
The Paris Bourse finally limited its losses (-0.29%) on Tuesday after a session marked by excitement, against the background of difficulties in the technology sector and trade tensions between the United States and China.

The CAC 40 index fell by 15.18 points to 5,152.12 points, in a moderate trade volume of 3.7 billion euros. Thursday, before the long Easter weekend, he had finished up 0.72%.

The Parisian coast, having opened in decline, regained ground in the afternoon, without going back into the green.

This is “the first day of the quarter and we feel a form of nervousness related to the calendar and the fact that the European markets were closed yesterday but not the US markets,” commented to AFP Alexandre Baradez, analyst at IG France.

According to him, “two big themes predominate: US technology stocks that are still very volatile today (…) and the fact that this week is expected in the United States the details of tariff measures that will affect imports into Europe. from China, “he explained.

Particularly abused Monday following a new attack on Twitter of President Donald Trump, online trade giant Amazon has dug its losses Tuesday, dragging in its wake Apple, Twitter, Alphabet or Facebook.

“The market is struggling to estimate today what will be the degree of magnitude of the shock on technology stocks (and wonders if) it’s just a matter of a few weeks or if we enter a cycle end” , detailed Mr. Baradez.

Once again, European markets are evolving according to the American markets without there being “real bad news European side, even if the macroeconomic statistics in the eurozone show a form of collapse,” said the specialist.

– Luxury is different –

On the indicators front, the slowdown in growth in the manufacturing sector was confirmed in March in the euro zone.

Despite this general nervousness, European stock markets remain much less affected than their US counterparts, Baradez said, and manage to limit the breakage, thanks to the ebb of the euro on Tuesday.

In the field of values, the technology sector has been penalized by the difficulties of the American giants. STMicroelectronics lost 3.11% to 17.43 euros and Soitec 2.89% to 57.20 euros.

Sodexo continued to suffer (-4.54% to 78.18 euros) from the lowering of its annual financial forecast, announced Thursday and that had already caused that day a plunge of 15.69% of the title. Natixis also lowered Tuesday its recommendation on the title to “neutral”.

Television stocks also suffered, especially TF1 which sold 5.71% to 10.40 euros. M6 fell by 2.01% to 20.50 euros.

Conversely, the luxury groups Kering (+ 3.27% to 401.50 euros) and LVMH (+ 2.32% to 256.00 euros) took the head of the CAC 40.

Air-France-KLM fell 4.37% to 8.62 euros while the group planned to ensure 75% of its flights Tuesday, on the occasion of the fourth day of strike for wages at the call of a broad inter-union.

Europacorp jumped 24.35% to 2.40 euros, driven by press reports on advanced negotiations with Netflix for a buyback, unconfirmed by his management

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