The Best Choice of Tile for Your Bathroom

The Best Choice of Tile for Your Bathroom

Everyone tends to live trendy life, to improve his own individuality trying to adopt the huge variety of existing styles of living. Talking about our homes, for most homeowners the main task is to add impressive and astonishing finishing touch to home decor. Concerning bathroom renovation, the trendiest way to transform the look of your floor and walls is installing timeless tiles or reliable stone there. Choose from the greatest variety of available styles, types and textures depending on your needs: glazed, ceramic, porcelain or glass tiles: travertine, granite or marble. Experts of bathroom renovations recommend the premium quality and design porcelain tiles from brand-famous manufacturers for your bathroom floor and wall installation.. It has quickly replaced ceramic tiles as the most popular option. Although porcelain’s been used for making tiles for many years, modern production methods and quantities has made porcelain tiles available for the average householder in recent years. Porcelain tiles are most dense and the hardest type of all available today, its water absorption rate is less than 0.5 %. It is fired at extremely high temperatures and under immense pressure, with through body colour if chipped you will not see the natural material that you would with glazed ceramic.

Comparing with its ceramic alternative, porcelain tile is more impervious, less porous and is thus subject to greater water infiltration. It is better suited for heavy usage than ceramic tile. However, ceramic tile is more affordable option, as the cost of porcelain tile is 60 to 70 percent higher. But despite the price, durable, fine-grained, smooth, easy to clean and maintain – porcelain tiles are the best investment. Besides, its perfect qualities are ideal for your bathroom and shower installation due to wide range of available unique designs of pattern and different textures. The tile and stone category offers endless options, which enable you to create a room that shouts, this is my style and this is my home.

As other types of tile and stone, it requires very simple routine maintenance. Sweep or vacuum it without a beater bar, dust and use a damp mop on a regular basis. Avoid excess water. Never use cleaners containing acids, scouring powder, abrasive bathroom or soft kitchen cleaners, vinegar or lemon juice.

Take advantage of your tile or stone installation, if it is done appropriately and correctly by bathroom renovations professionals.

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