Is Your Car More Than 5 Years Old? How to Take Care of It?

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Treating your car right with regular service and maintenance will help you with a rewarding, long-term relationship with your vehicle. As the car gets older, its maintenance requirement increases. If you own a car that is more than five years old, remember the tips mentioned in this post to care for it the way it deserves.

As compared to the past, cars in the last two decades are built much better. They come with many innovative features and have a sturdier and more durable overall built. But no amount of perfection from the manufacturer can replace the regular maintenance and servicing requirements of your car, especially if it is more than five years old.

If you have an old car and want to keep it as good as new, keep the tips mentioned below in mind:

  1. Keep a Tab on the Cooling System

Hoses which carry coolant to the engines have a tough life. They regularly transport fluids under very high pressure and temperature. Even the water pump of your car is not usually given a lot of care and attention, irrespective of the fact that it’d only take a few minutes for the engine to die with the water pump. Make sure that you regularly get the coolant hoses and water pump serviced so that they function flawlessly.

  1. Check Braking System

Even the braking system should be regularly serviced to keep your car youthful. Brake bleeding is as easy as changing oil and would not require more than a few tools and a friend. Also, check the brake fluid if it is dark in colour or has rust or rubber bits. It is said that the brake fluid should be replaced at least every two years.

  1. Change the Oil and Oil Filter

One of the most important things to extend the life of your car is to change the oil regularly. Ensure that you note the mileage and date at the time of changing oil, so that you know when it’s time for an oil change again. Most of the garages put a sticker with the oil change date on your windshield. Prefer certified mechanics from a reputed service provider like Housejoy for best results.

  1. Maintaining the Wheel Bearings

Wheel bearings play a very important role in the performance of the tires. When getting your car serviced, ensure that you get the wheels inspected, to make sure that the bearings are alright. If not, the bearings are greased for a smoother performance.

  1. Repair the Scratches or They Will Rust

Scratches are very common on cars in India. The overcrowded streets and bumper-to-bumper traffic can result in scratches, irrespective of how good you are at driving. If left untreated, the scratches can rust and even grow bigger. While you don’t need to visit a garage or hire a professional car service for every small scratch, the bigger scratches should be treated in time.

Proper care and regular servicing by professionals can eliminate the need to invest in a new car. It doesn’t take more than a little initiative to make your old car look and run as good as a new one. Remember these car care tips and your car would surely run smoothly for years to come.

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