Internal communication to make your business shine

Internal communication to make your business shine

The best communication campaigns are not just for the general public. They are also aimed at employees of companies and organizations that they radiate.

This is the message that Marie-Pierre Grenier, head of internal and external communications services at the Montérégie-Ouest Integrated Health and Social Services Center (CISSSMO), is supporting. Immerse in communication for at least 20 years, Ms. Grenier will lead the conference Internal Communication, presented by Les Affaires Events, May 29, in Quebec City.

“Since the advent of the Internet and social media, there is almost no border between internal and external communications. In-house messages can be found outside the organization in a snap. And vice versa. This forces companies to adapt to these new audiences, “explains Ms. Grenier.

It goes without saying that employees need to know the content of an organization’s communications first internally rather than watching a newscast, the facilitator insists. Otherwise, the mobilization of staff within the company may suffer.

Make your internal communication a tool for attracting and retaining staff

The way to communicate messages has also changed, she adds. “Gone are the days when organizations used a rather traditional mode of communication for the internal and another more striking for the external. Today, in a context of information overload, the message (including its content and container) must be as dynamic and surprising internally as will be the one intended for the general public, “says Marie-Pierre. Attic.

Communication must be mature and personalized, says Ms. Grenier. “Organizations must also take the time to think and multiply the right tools, such as using the Intranet. They must ensure that their internal communications are properly communicated to all employees, whether they work in a collegiate, on the road or at home. Organizations must adapt to the realities of 2018, “raises Ms. Grenier.

Think ad campaign

And another little advice from Marie-Pierre Grenier: if your company is about to launch a new product or service with a large-scale campaign, make sure that the employees in the box can benefit from striking and catchy presentation before everyone else. “The more employees will be challenged by your projects, the better ambassadors for the organization they will be,” she says.

And these companies that will make the effort to establish good internal communication, will usually be better off in recruiting staff, observes Ms. Grenier. “Effective organizational communication is now an indispensable tool for employee retention and retention. One think of it, she says, for businesses and organizations that are increasingly experiencing labor shortages

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