Guide and remedies for losing weight

Guide and remedies for losing weight

Losing weight is today a sometimes imperative need. We are not just talking about catching up with the excesses of Christmas, or about losing weight to put a swimsuit on the beach. No, no, it’s a health issue! Our pace of life and our way of life depends on it. But beware ! Losing weight and losing weight in a healthy way is not the same thing . What does that mean ? It’s simple, reduce our fat mass index! Unfortunately, this is not always what we do when we lose weight by following the first diet that comes to mind.

For our health and for our silhouette, the most important thing is to eliminate or reduce the accumulation of fat in our body. This excess is really dangerous. The problem is that some socio-economic factors influence weight gain. In addition, certain ways of looking at life lead us directly to a disproportionate increase in our body mass.

We are obviously talking about a sedentary lifestyle and inadequate eating habits, not to mention the excessive tendency that we have more and more:  we are no longer sacrificing, we want to suffer as little as possible and always satisfy our desires . What does it mean ? Our body loses its metabolic capacity because of age and other factors. Meanwhile, all substances that we do not use, or that our body can not excrete fast enough, accumulate. It is therefore inevitable: our fat mass index increases, as does our weight .

So we want to reduce our weight permanently and over the long term, and the sacrifice must be worth it. It is therefore not enough to do some “miracle diets” from time to time (we often forget that during this diet, we can get sick because of the lack of vitamins and other essential elements to keep our health in shape). In reality, we need a radical change in our way of life! Otherwise, we will soon find what had been lost …

All the magic formulas of slimming contain a small sacrifice. That is, almost no one is ready to do something as simple as balancing consumption with expenses.

Intermittent fasting: how to burn accumulated fat

There is one type of diet discovered recently that seems to be a good compromise: intermittent fasting. This type of “diet” is really simple, and it involves fewer sacrifices. We try to help our body change its way of consuming energy. It’s like we want our car to consume a different fuel. We go from the mode of combustion of sugars / carbohydrates, to the  mode of combustion of fats. In fact, fat becomes our main fuel. We will better explain it to you.

This diet is simple. We must program our meals to increase the time intervals during which we eat. In fact, we force our bodies to use the stored fats in our bodies instead of making immediate use of the sugars we eat.

However, in order to force your body to make this change, we must make a minimum interval of 16 hours without eating. Do not worry, it’s much easier than it seems.

Be aware that the body needs about 6-8 hours to metabolize our glycogen stores (energy stored as fast sugars). After this time, the body has consumed our supply of sugar. He will therefore try to obtain energy by burning the stored fat. So if we replace lost glycogen by eating again before eight hours of metabolism, our body will never use fat stores as fuel. However, if you switch to fat burning mode , you will be able to have a progressive loss of weight . Thus, our physical well-being will increase proportionally.

We can do it in many ways. For example, we may not have breakfast and let the lunch be our first meal. Of course, we can have coffee in the morning but without milk . Neither should we introduce sugar into our body; we will add a natural sweetener such as stevia. Be careful, the fact of not having breakfast does not mean that you have to eat at the following meal!

Let’s not forget that fasting does not mean that afterwards we can eat anything. It will radically eliminate junk food from our diet. You must also reduce sugars and replace them with good fats, such as coconut oil, olive oil, butter, eggs , avocados, walnuts and moringa oil.

So, we can take a tablespoon of coconut oil in the afternoon, once the eight hours without eating have been reached. This stimulates the metabolic process that burns fat. This also has a direct effect of stimulating the thyroid , which also increases the metabolism. Fat consumption is then powerful.

The effect is not immediate, and it takes a few weeks for this to start to be visible. But once the body begins to change the mode of burning sugars  to fat burning, cravings for sweets and unhealthy foods disappear! In fact, the body consumes fat and does not require sugars.

The remedies for losing weight

As we said in the introduction, changing our habits is essential for weightloss . This will allow us to take care of our physical and emotional health. We must therefore follow certain recommendations:

  • Drink a lot of water.  This will help you lose weight. The water helps the body break down fats. It also helps to eliminate hunger. Drink 8 to 10 glasses of water minimum (2 liters) daily .
  • Eliminate sugars and alcohol. You must remove the chocolates and sweets. Feel free to eat fruit instead , especially orange and grapefruit. Alcohol should be avoided because it is metabolized to sugar.
  • Avoid the consumption of diuretics to lose weight. To remove too much body fluids weakens the blood pressure (hypotension). The person then feels tired, dizzy and exhausted.  It is therefore difficult to lose weight.
  • Take care of the food and how you cook it. We must eliminate junk food and saturated fats, and minimize white flour, potatoes, rice and red meat. Instead, you can eat chicken, fish and all kinds of vegetables. If you can not avoid eating between meals, you can prepare an infusion, 100 g of pickles, a tomato or tomato juice, or else cereals (cornflakes or oats). What you eat is very important. But that’s not all ! The way we cook is also important!It is better to roast or boil than to fry. The lightest preparations are made by steaming or boiling water, or by baking in the oven or with a hotplate.
  • Avoid sitting in front of the television or computer for too long. Lead a sedentary life or spend more than 4 hours sitting, it’s never good. Indeed, it negatively affects the glucose and fat levels in our body. According to various studies, each hour seated increases the risk of heart disease by 18%. If we need to spend a long time sitting, it is therefore essential to break this dynamic every half hour or hour. How? By doing at least five minutes of activity or moderate exercise.
  • Eat in small plates. According to studies at the University of Utah, there is a gap between when a person has finished eating and when our stomach is full. Using small plates, we use smaller portions. And so, when the dish is empty, our brain receives the signal that we have finished eating. We will really know if we are satisfied or not, which will prevent us from eating

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