Fridge Trailer Hire – Transportation Across Borders Laws

Fridge Trailer Hire - Transportation Across Borders Laws

Mobile refrigeration rental is a viable solution for many businesses during peak trading periods and for one-off events, including those abroad. Carrying perishable foodstuffs in insulated refrigerated vehicles across borders has its own set of rules.

Many countries legislation requires adherence to the A.T.P. This covers all foods except fresh fruit and vegetables.

The agreement on the international carriage of perishable foodstuffs and special equipment to be used for such carriage was created by The Inland Transport Committee of the United Nations Economic Committee for Europe in 1970-1971 and the A.T.P. agreement was adopted by the UK in 1980.

In summary, the A.T.P. provides standards for:

  • Ensuring that insulation is appropriate, adequate and intact.
  • Preserving the quality of perishable foodstuffs during their international transport: Are goods insulated, refrigerated, mechanically refrigerated or heated as appropriate?
  • The special transport equipment required.
  • Distinguishing marks to be adhered to special equipment.
  • The equipment and temperature conditions for deep-frozen and frozen foodstuffs.

A.T.P. Certificate

Whether you own or operate the vehicle used to transport perishable foodstuffs across borders between countries that are signatories to the A.T.P., a valid certificate (or plate) for the vehicle is essential. This illustrates to the authorities that the vehicle meets the required standards for refrigeration and thermal efficiency in line with the agreement. These certificates are normally checked on entry in to the country or sometimes when travelling around.

How to obtain an A.T.P. certificate

The certificate is issued after an inspection of the vehicle or container by a ‘Designated Station.’ In the UK, this is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) working on behalf of the Department for Transport. Cambridge Refrigeration Technology has been approved as a designated station so they are authorised to examine, test and certify vehicles and containers.

An A.T.P. certificate is valid for six years. It can be extended by three years when an “in service” examination is carried out by a designated station. These are “Type Approved.”

The AA reminds drivers that:

  • The weight of the loaded trailer must be within the car’s towing ability.
  • The combined weight of the loaded car and loaded trailer must be below the maximum ‘train’ weight for your car.

If you have doubts, please seek expert advice.

EU/UK Regulation EC No 852/2004 on the Hygiene of Foodstuffs requires manufacturers to have suitable temperature-controlled handling and storage facilities that can maintain food at appropriate temperatures and are monitored, controlled and recorded.

Work with the best mobile refrigeration rental firm

When you hire from a leading service provider like Icecool Trailers, you can enjoy peace of mind that all legislation is met, including the A.T.P., facilities are hygienic and well maintained, competitively priced and professionally presented. Fridge trailer hire units are available in a range of sizes and capacities and are user friendly.

Whilst the mobile refrigeration rental facilities are insured, the stock placed in them requires separate cover which it is the client’s responsibility to arrange.

Tick all the boxes for health and safety, transportation and customer service standards with attention to the law and outstanding fridge trailer hire.

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