Foreign investment projects in France at a record level in 2017

Foreign investment projects in France at a record level in 2017

The United States is once again the main investor and job creator in France. A total of 1,298 projects were identified.

“A rare moment” , “a new era” . Appointed at the end of August at the head of Business France , Pascal Cagni preaches for his country with the zeal of new converts. Former vice president of Apple Europe , more accustomed to hear “French bashing” than praise, he returned Tuesday, April 3, his first report on foreign investment in France. Blessed bread for the “marketeux”: the results for 2017 are exceptional.

A total of 1,298 projects were identified. That’s 16% more than in 2016 and never seen in ten years. The phenomenon is all the more striking because a third of these decisions are made by new players. The “Macron effect” at Versailles, then Davos ( Switzerland ), probably played. But “it is deeper than a small post-election spring ,  says Pascal Cagni.

Most of the industrial sectors concerned

To the great surprise of the new ambassador for international investment, it was the production activities that last year were favored by foreign companies . They alone account for a quarter of all investment. A revival mainly fed by settlements or extensions Company s German, American, Italian and Belgian.

One of them, Adwen, a former Areva subsidiary acquired by Siemens, has committed to building two wind turbine blade production sites near Le Havre. Equipment for the fields of Dieppe-Le Tréport and Yeu Noirmoutier-whose manufacture should, Business France, allow to create 750 direct jobs.

Automotive industry , food industry, chemistry, plastics, machinery … Most industrial sectors are concerned. And it’s all the territory that benefits. The Swedish Volvo has reinvested in Vénissieux and Bourg-en-Bresse, the German Sartorius Stedim Biotech in Aubagne, the American East Balt, who makes bread rolls for Burger King in Brétigny-sur-Orge. An electric bus manufacturing site of the Chinese manufacturer BYD has also emerged near Beauvais.

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“The best gateway to the European continent”

If the European countries remain predominant, it is the United States which became again in 2017 the main country investor and provider of jobs in France. In spite of President Trump’s protectionist ambitions, they are distinguished by their presence in innovation and research and development thanks to global tech giants like Google or Facebook , but also IBM, which launched a center specialized in cybersecurity in Lille.

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