Digital transformation: a market that explodes

Digital transformation: a market that explodes

The market for digital transformation consulting for businesses, which is being contested by digital services companies (NSEs), digital communication agencies and consulting firms, will grow by an average of 22% per year by 2021, according to a study by IDC firm.

This market is expected to reach $ 4.14 billion this year, with an expected growth of 25%.

According to the firm’s projections, it is expected to reach 8 billion% in 2021, dominated by the digitization of operations (46% of the total) and by initiatives focused on customer experience (29%). These two market segments will also experience the strongest average annual growth. The digital services and products segment will account for 25% of the total by this time.

Only 16% of these have an action plan in this regard. “There is a global malaise. Companies have to transform themselves, but many put their heads in the sand thinking that employees will learn by themselves, “says Marie-Pier St-Hilaire, President of the consulting firm Edgenda, who will deliver

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