Choosing your First Prepaid Plan

Choosing your First Prepaid Plan

We list the information you need to look out for when buying a good prepaid plan for your phone.

One of the simplest tasks you can do today is to buy a good smartphone and then pair it with a postpaid or prepaid plan. However, if you are about to use a smartphone for the first time, you might have opted to buy a prepaid plan to get ‘a feel’ of the experience.

Buying a prepaid plan is a fairly simple process – you choose the one you like, submit your documents, wait for a residential address check from the company, and voila! Your new prepaid SIM is activated thereafter. If this process daunts you a little bit, just follow our simple guide below to choosing your first prepaid plan:

* The right mobile service provider.

The most important consideration is the mobile service provider that you choose to buy the prepaid plan from. There are many providers, but only leading ones like Airtel offer the best range of prepaid plans and excellent customer service. Airtel also has a simple plan purchase process – choose the plan you want from the website or the myAirtel app, and the company facilitates the purchase, the KYC process and activating the SIM card soon.

* The list of available prepaid plans from the service provider.

Once you have zeroed in on the mobile service provider, it is time to study their available prepaid plans. Choose your city of residence and the list of available plans for your city. You can browse for different features being offered, if there is unlimited calling, at least 100 SMSs per day and more to the point, affordable prepaid plans with a good amount of validity (in terms of days).

* Data speeds and network connectivity.

Another important factor to take on board when buying your first prepaid plan, is the data transmission and upload speed that the plan offers. Though all mobile service providers promise high speeds, only a few like Airtel actually pass the data speed test. Check Airtel for data speeds on Ookla, the premium speed tester online and you will find staggering speeds of 40 Mbps and higher at any point in time. Coupled with its large pan India network coverage, Airtel offers always-on connectivity at all times.

* If you should buy a new handset from the provider or keep your current phone.

Some leading mobile service providers have tie-ups with reputed mobile phone brands to offer good prepaid plans when you buy the handset from the provider. Check if your chosen mobile service provider has a good deal to offer on buying a handset from a reputed company like Apple or Samsung. Also check for any discounts, what the financing model for the phone is, and what kind of postpaid or prepaid plan is being offered with it. If you choose to go with the handset you own, check to see if the phone is compatible with the SIM card you are about to buy.

* If data offered is ‘unlimited’ or has restrictions.

The best prepaid plans today, such as the ones offered by Airtel, come with unlimited data. This means that you get anywhere between 1.4 GB to 2 GB data bandwidth daily for your entire pack validity. Check if there are unlimited prepaid packs or if there are any data restrictions on the plan you are about to purchase.

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