All you need to know to avoid smoking

All you need to know to avoid smoking

Tobacco use is one of the most dangerous health habits, but it is also one of the most widespread in the four corners of the planet.

In spite of the countless campaigns carried out by the health establishments, directed by the World Organization of the Health (WHO) , each day its consumption increases a little more.

The easiest way to consume tobacco

The tobacco plant has long been used for healing purposes. Its properties were numerous and were good for the human being.

However, the most common method of consumption is combustion and it is one of the most harmful to humans. Ingesting the smoke that emanates from the plant has side effects.

As a result, the confusion is great. But several studies have changed the parameters and thoughts around tobacco.

Thus, nowadays, we know that it is one of the leading causes of death in the world.

The easiest way to consume it is by smoking a cigarette, which is legal all over the planet.

The problem comes from one of its components: nicotine. It causes uncontrollable addiction in people who consume tobacco. Excessive doses can be the cause of many problems.

Tobacco issues

The majority of negative things related to tobacco are obtained through its simplest and legal consumption. The consumption of cigarettes involves considerable suffering , which can not be ignored.

Among the most common we find:

  • bronchitis chronic
  • Risk of arteriosclerosis
  • High probability of gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Weakness of the cardiovascular system
  • Risk of cancer (especially of the lung)

Reasons to avoid smoking

As a result of the above, many things have been elucidated about the risk of cigarette smoking.

That is why it should already encourage us not to continue smoking.

It is certain that stopping a habit, good or bad, can be a complex and frustrating practice . Therefore, we must take things calmly.

Below we will show you the best reasons to stop this bad habit.

When stopping smoking, the probability of death decreases

This benefit depends on the age of the tobacco user. The younger you are, the greater the impact.

  • For example, when a 30-year-old chooses to lose this habit, the probability of death decreases by almost 90%.
  • For a 60-year-old, the difference is 30%.

Despite these estimates, no matter how old you stop smoking, there will always be a lot of benefits.

Positive things in general

In addition to reducing the possibilities of premature death, there are also a series of positive things for people who decide to stop smoking once and for all:

  • Blood circulation improves
  • Pulmonary function is stimulated
  • It avoids the appearance of arterial hypertension
  • The risk of lung cancer decreases
  • We contribute to the physical state
  • We help the skin, both physically and in terms of cellular respiration

Indirect benefits

The first thing one thinks of when new social relationships arise is acceptance. Thus, the ideal is to be received without any objection.

Despite this, an individual smoker is not well seen. We could even say that the majority of people are not comfortable in their presence.

In this connection, improving social relationships is a strong enough reason to stop smoking. In addition, they will also benefit because they can receive indirect benefits:

  • The passive smoker will no longer have the risk of suffering from tobacco smoke-related illnesses
  • The probability of suffering from ear infections decreases considerably

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