3 essential steps for successful garden landscaping

3 essential steps for successful garden landscaping

We are entering the summer season and it is time to build your garden to welcome family and loved ones for outdoor parties and enjoy the sun together. So, to succeed in developing your garden, here are 3 steps to take note!

Garden landscaping: prepare the ground

The preparation of the ground is essential to successfully develop your garden. Indeed, it is starting from this preparation that you will be able to create a pleasant landscape to look at. Also, here are the preparations to do for this:

  • To mow the lawn: the mowing of the lawn is necessary for a harmonious landscape, because it is it which makes above all the beauty of the garden. Indeed, it occupies 80% or more of the garden space; and it is she who is the source of greenery in the latter. Tips for mowing your lawn here .
  • Water the lawn: watering the lawn is necessary and must be a habit, because it allows, as we already know, to maintain the greenery of the grass. If you do not have time for that, do not hesitate to get an automatic watering system.
  • Cut the hedge and shrubs, remove weeds: so that the garden does not look like a swamp.
  • Clean water corners: If you have a pool, fountain or other water features, you will need to clean them to make the environment beautiful, and not look like a swamp.

Choose an original garden furniture

The garden furniture plays a role important enough for the successful development of your garden. Indeed, it is here that everyone will relax and enjoy the sun. Also, do not hesitate to choose an original garden furniture that will decorate your exterior at the same time.

There are many on the market, you just have to consult the web and see the model or models that suit you and that will be “matched” to your garden and all the outdoor decorations that you have chosen.

But it goes without saying that you can make a garden living 100% DIY thanks to the recovered objects. The web is full of ideas for making DIY garden furniture, most of which are based on wooden pallets. The advantage with this DIY furniture is that you can make according to your tastes, but in addition they will be unique, original, and especially design. Here are some ideas to inspire you!

And for an extraordinary environment, you can of course combine these two types of furniture.

Well brighten everything!

Outdoor lighting plays two very specific functions for the success of your outdoor design: a useful function and a pleasant function.

  • Useful function: the lights will come first to light your garden, especially if the holidays end late or start in the early evening. Apart from that, the lighting will illuminate strategic points such as a chalet, a pergola or the pool. In the latter case, they will serve as benchmarks to avoid domestic accidents like falling into the pool and / or see if there are children who have fallen into the pool. For this purpose, installing recessed spotlights or light posts around the pool is recommended.
  • Pleasant function: the luminaires can serve as decoration or illuminate your external decorations. There are outdoor lighting design as what can be seen on this page for that. One example is recessed spotlights or multi-colored bollards that can be used as aisles or lighting decorations such as statuettes. There are also design street lamps that will also be used for general lighting of the garden.

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